CSMH Foundation:

What We Support

The CSMH Foundation exists solely to provide resources to meet the needs of Charter School of Morgan Hill. The Foundation provides these resources as requested by CSMH. Highlighted here are some of the programs we anticipate Foundation funds will support.


Most of you know by now the CSMH School buildings are “well loved” and “well used” and require ongoing repairs and upkeep. CSMH is working closely with the Morgan Hill Unified School District regarding the Measure G Bond funds which are available for schools throughout the District and is working on a long-term facilities plan for the CSMH site. Foundation funds will be available to supplement the financial resources of CSMH to reach its facility goals.


We anticipate supporting CSMH in the purchase of computers, smart boards, network upgrades and technical support to provide a state of the art technology environment for all students and staff.

Enrichment Programs

CSMH believes in educating the whole child by exposing students to such enrichment programs as Agriculture, Art, Career Planning, Leadership, Music, and Nutrition as well as including Spanish and P.E. for all grades. Foundation resources may be requested by CSMH to maintain and expand these programs.

Classroom Supplies and Field Trips

The Foundation is a funding resource for the purchase of proper supplies and instructional materials for CSMH. The hands-on Project Based Learning environment of CSMH is enhanced by learning experiences both inside and outside of the School. Field trips to various local venues, the 4th grade Sacramento trip and the 6th grade science camp are key components of the CSMH curriculum. The Foundation anticipates providing funding for all student field trips within the State.